Fifth Round of Approved Grants

Fifth Round of Approved Grants

Hi Everyone!

Happy to share details on the fifth round of funding approved by the Committee! This week we have 6 grants with a total of $132,400.00 in pledged DYDX funding. Check out the table below for details on each project.

With the additions of Grants specific community managers, we’re especially excited to keep the community informed and growing around grants related activity. These grantees will be more active across Twitter and Discord responding to questions and concerns.

We continue to work on updating RFPs and adding new opportunities. Keep the applications coming!

Hope everyone has a great week! 🦔

Approved Grants

Grant NameApplicantFundingDescription
The Defiant Q2 Sponsorship
The Defiant
The grant will be used to sponsor the following: The Defiant Newsletter sponsored post, The Defiant Newsletter promotional banner, The Defiant podcast promotional messaging for 3 months.
dYdX Trading Tool - Chrome Extension
Yusaka, Vol-san, KONISHI
The team is building a chrome extension tool to interact directly with the dYdX trading platform. This will allow users to trade directly from the extension rather than having to access the UI.
Treasury Asset Diversification
Max Holloway
Grant will be used to fund a research deep dive on diversifying the dYdX Community Treasury to include a basket of tokens. The grant will also include a DIP once the research is completed.
Drag and Drop Trading Simulator
Grant will be used to fund an easy to use application allowing traders to drag and drop different trading strategies to map out simulations of market performance.
Grants Community Manager (India / Asia-Pacific)
Soumyaranjan Ram
Grant will be used to compensate the CM for active communication across multiple Discord, Telegram and Twitter exchanges, sourcing of local talent and promotional content to help grow the program in the region.
Educational Content and Grants Community Manager (Spanish)
Abel Colmenares
Grant will be used to compensate the CM for actively translating all communications in Spanish, engaging the spanish channels and twitter threads to promote the program, and publishing additional content in Spanish.