First Round of Approvals

First Round of Approvals

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all busy minting some hedgies :P

We’re super excited to announce that our first round of grant approvals has been processed! To kick things off, we have 9 approved grants with a total of $510,000.00 in pledged funding. Please see below the table describing each grant.

Since this first round tackled a number of existing RFPs, we’d also like to inform you of additional RFPs that have been added to list, you can find them here. And as always, we’re happy to hear new ideas not included in any RFPs. Keep the applications coming!

Have a great week! 🦔

Approved Grants

Grant TitleApplicantFundingDescription
Community Tool Page
Chaos Labs
Chaos Labs ( will be working on a series of RFPs all within a dedicated Community Tooling Page that will make everything easily accessible.
Golang SDK Tool
Michalis Kargakis
Build a Go version of the existing Python SDK for all the dYdX Gophers.
Funding Rates Page
Akhil Kathuria
Dedicated page to monitor dYdX funding rates. Initial build is live so this grant is part retroactive and part continue development.
UTXO 22 - Prague Event Sponsorship
Sponsoring the UTXO crypto event in Prague to promote and market dYdX.
Youtube Education Library
Nous and ModYModX
Create a series of Youtube videos helping new users learn everything about dYdX.
Liquidation Alert Tool
Max Holloway
An alert tool for traders to be notified of any nearing liquidation prices on existing positions.
Turkish dYdX Newsletter
DeFi Library
Turkish newsletter sponsorship with education content and promotion of dYdX to the Turkish community
The dYdX Report
Weekly English newsletter that covers all things dYdX and L2 layer activity more broadly.
dYdX Academy Glossary and Newsletter
Josh Nizzy
Academy page dedicated to helping new users along with a Newsletter promoting dYdX in the UK!