Round 6 of Approved Grants

Round 6 of Approved Grants

Hi Everyone!

Excited to share another round of funding approved by the Committee! For Round 6, we have 5 grantees with a total of $246,000.00 in DYDX funding. Check out the table below for more information on each grant.

We’re also happy to share that the Committee revamp is close to getting finalized. This revamp will enable payments to be complete by the Grants multisig. The team is working on the final documentation and will share everything with the community as soon as its ready. We’re excited to finally start paying our Grantees to really get things going!

As always, we’re super excited to see new applications come in and continue to encourage all of you to apply for existing RFPs or new ideas.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Approved Grants

Grant NameApplicantFundingDescription
Rabbithole dYdX Quest
The grant will be used to fund a dYdX specific Quest on Rabbithole that will reward users for depositing USDC into dYdX, trading to earn dYdX rewards, and then staking the dYdX in the Safety Module. The goal is to bring on 700 new users through the quest.
dYdX Ambassador Burrows Program
dYdX Foundation
The grant will be used to fund a Foundation driven recruitment program to build an Ambassador Burrow (working group) organization across a few different product lines. Recruitees will be compensated for a 1 month trial period before being accepted into the program.
Newsletter, Twitter Campaigns, Education Content in Greek
The grant will be used to fund marketing efforts in the Greek crypto community including newsletters, twitter campaigns and educational content. The team will be working with our new CM to build grants awareness as well.
Grants Community Manager (Greece)
Alexios Valonasis
The grant will be used to compensate a Grants dedicated community manager that will focus on Discord communications and engaging the Greek community.
Gitcoin Grants Round 13 Funding
Vishnu Kumar
The grant will be used to fund Gitcoin Grants round 13 in both the main pool and advocacy + zk proof technology to promote ecosystem development and dYdX branding.