Round 7 of Approved Grants

Round 7 of Approved Grants

Hi Everyone!

Happy to share another round of funding approved by the Committee! For Round 7, we have 4 grantees with a total of $268,000.00 in DYDX funding. Check out the table below for more information on each grant.

In other news, the Snapshot proposal to implement a Guernsey Trust for the dYdX Grants Program is nearing completion! This approval by the community will allow the program to begin processing payments and funding to Grantees. The team will be onboarding with a payment processing application to help facilitate funding from the Multisig executed on behalf of the Committee members as soon as next week!

With this important step, we hope to really ramp up the program and tackle more impactful projects to keep growing the protocol and community. Stay tuned for more updates and additional RFPs!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Approved Grants

Grant NameApplicantFundingDescription
ETHGlobal Event Sponsorship
The grants program is sponsoring events: ETHAmsterdam, HackMoney, ETHNewYork and ETHMexicoCity. Sponsorships come with marketing, hackathons, referrals and additional growth opportunities.
Rust SDK
Crypto Ibuki
The grant will fund a complete rebuild of the existing dYdX SDK into Rust for all the community Rustaceans.
Grants Referral Program & Marketing
Ishita Gupta
The grant will fund the building of a grants referral program to incentivize new applications. The applicant will also help with marketing materials.
Hack for Inclusion Event Sponsorship
Hack for Inclusion
The grant will sponsor an all woman and non-binary hackathon event in India, including logo display and promotional messaging.