Round 8 of Approvals

Round 8 of Approvals

Hi everyone!

Excited to share another round of funding approved by the Committee! This week we have Round 8 of Grants including 4 grants with a total of $137,500.00 in DYDX funding. As always, check out the table below for more info on the Grants and visit the Funded Grants page for even more detail.

As the Committee progresses on with Trust setup following community approval, the Grants program finally readies itself for a first round of payments. We’re very excited to complete payments to the initial commitments so as to really push forward our accepted grants.

We’ve also seen a number of Completed grants completed! We’re thrilled to see our Grantees working hard to complete the projects and continued efforts from others to get through the finish line. Keep up the awesome work!

Hope everyone has a great week! 🦔

Approved Grants

Grant NameApplicantFundingDescription
Analytics Dashboard (Llama Partnership)
Partnering with Llama to develop an Analytics Dashboard that will help digest and promote all dYdX activity.
Japanese Website with Educational and Newsletter Content
A Japanese dYdX content website to include the production of educational content, weekly newsletters and hiring more writers.
Educational Content using Hedgies
Producing a library of educational videos using Hedgies to onboard new users in a fun way!
Hedgies Interactive Banner
Building an automated banner creator for all Hedgie owners to display their Hedgies in a more interactive way across social media platforms.