Round 9 of Approvals

Round 9 of Approvals

Hi everyone!

After a brief pause from Funding Rounds to square out payments and legal agreements, we’re thrilled to be back on the road with our 9th Round of approved grants! This week we have 5 grants with a total of $100,200.00 in DYDX funding. As always, check out the table below for more info on the Grants and visit the Funded Grants page for even more detail.

In other news, the program is finally readying itself for first round of payments after dealing with some delays due to contractual establishments and operational setups. We will be updating the community and sharing payouts through the website as we progress!

We continue to work on adding new RFPs and getting back to applicants as quickly as possible As the applications keep coming, we’re also excited to see more Grantees hitting milestones and even completing their projects!

Have a great week! 🦔

Approved Grants

Grant TitleApplicantFundingDescription
dYdX Contract Monitoring & Forta Agents
Forta & Nethermind
The grant will be used to fund the building of Forta agents that will monitor the Safety and Liquidity modules for problematic events. The grant also includes monitoring activity across dYdX across for health and malicious activity.
dYdX DAO Onboarding Framework & Working Group
The grant will be used to map and build the Onboarding framework that will be adopted across the dYdX DAO for growing Working Groups and participation. The grant includes a research post and the founding of an Onboarding working group to help guide growth.
Educational Content + Telegram Stickers (Russian)
The grant will be used to build educational content in Russian broadcasted across both text material and a series of Youtube videos. The grant also includes a dYdX theme Telegram sticker pack. dYdX Space
Elias Faltin
The grant will be used to build a space dedicated to dYdX on with custom branding and helpful information posted across the room. The space will be used for future community calls and events hosting.
Ambassador Burrow Onboarding Tool
The grant will be used to build an onboarding tool specifically for the Ambassador Burrows program launching in May for the Foundation to scale its community of CMs and Ambassadors. This will act as a trial before potentially being implemented in the Onboarding framework built in the other grant.