Second Round of Approvals

Second Round of Approvals

Hi everyone!

We’re excited to bring you the second round of Grants approvals this week. Keeping the momentum going, we have 8 approved grants this week with a total of $258,000 in DYDX funding. As always, we have a table below outlining the grants and funding.

Applications were quick to snap up the new RFPs, so the team is working diligently on getting new RFPs up to keep the program open for new applicants!

Have a great week! 🦔

Approved Grants

Grant TitleApplicantFundingDescription
Trading Strategy Bot (with Tutorial)
BayswaterCap (team)
The team has already built simple market making bot, and will use this grant to expand capabilities to new strategies. See the existing code here:
Monte Carlo Risk Calculator
Mélody Frédérique, Maxime Sibylle, Tanguy Samson, Wilson Tian
The team has built a tool to run Monte Carlo risk simulations, and will use this grant to expand the tool with new features and education content. See the existing code here:
Rewards Estimator and Alerting Tool
Mélody Frédérique, Maxime Sibylle, Tanguy Samson, Wilson Tian
Team is building a rewards estimator tool with alerting capabilities to help traders and the community track expected payments.
Trading and Risk Simulator Webpage
Svyatoslav Bitiutskii
This team has started building a trading simulator tool to help visualize strategies and will add risk analysis. Check out the ongoing build here:
Educational Course (Japanese)
Proof of Learning
Interactive course in Japanese to help promote dYdX to new users.
DGP Branding and Website
Paperclip Labs
The team will be working a new website, logo and branding for the dYdX Grants Program to help promote the program.
Rewards Optimization Research, Code and Paper
Max Holloway
Grant will be used to research Rewards optimization to maximize profits, with code and a research paper shared with the community.
Governance and Delegation Dashboard
$43,000.00 webpage to display governance proposals and a delegation page to help market voters.