Third Round of Approvals

Third Round of Approvals

Hi Everyone!

Thrilled to share details on the third round of funding approved by the Committee! This week we have 7 grants with a total of $234,000.00 in pledged DYDX funding. Check out the table below for details on each project.

This week’s round takes us to over $1M in pledged funding to grants! A little over 1/3 of the way through our first quarter, that puts the program on track to hit its goal of distributing roughly $3m per quarter.

To keep applications going, we have also released a new set of RFPs. And as always, we encourage any interested contributors to apply with projects outside of existed RFPs.

Have a great week! 🦔

Approved Grants

Grant NameApplicantFundingDescription
Blockcrunch Podcast Sponsorship
Jason Choi
Grant will make dYdX a primary sponsor of the Blockcrunch podcast, which includes dYdX marketing and special episodes.
SEO for Grant Content
Alexios Valonasis
The team will be performing search engine optimization on all content created by the program to maximize marketing.
Treasury Management Dashboard
Hugo Boisselle
Grant will be used to build a dashboard to provide graphics around dYdX Treasury with useful stats and info. Will also provide scenario analysis to asses proposals.
DGP Graphic Designer
Mary Val
Weekly video content to provide more interactive content around Grants and RFPs.
DAO Organizational Structure Research
Research paper around historical and existing DAO structures to provide guidance on dYdX's growth
Autonomous Working Groups Research
Joanna Pope (Other Internet)
Research sprint culminating in a policy brief that feeds into and informs the dYdX DAO organization action plan to help the DAO grow
Espacio Cripto Podcast Sponsorship
Espacio Cripto
Grant will make dYdX a primary sponsor of Espacio Cripto for six months. Sponsorships includes reference to dYdX, special episodes and banner marketing.